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Brutus, Lee Harvey Oswald... Can you continue this sequence? I would continue this succession with one more comrade, assassin of a sovereign of Saudi Arabia Faisal.

The murderer, anyway, was killed King's nephew and his name was Faisal bin Musaid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The guy was from a notable family of Saudis, and brother of him, Abdurrahman, today is a weighty entrepreneur and president of the football club Al-Hilal. One more of his relatives was mettlesome Wahhabi and was murdered in the time of a protest march against a television service. In Islam a painting of live entity is banned so Muslims don't portray either humans or animals in of their places of worship, and usually decorate them with different beautiful patterns. That was the reason for the colleagues of him to begin an action, during which Khalid was murdered.

A litte about Faisal education. It is interesting that he studied in two colleges in United States. In his neighboring Arabic country people have the advantage to learn at any educational institution everywhere. I don't known what about the guys of Arabia, although the guys of the ruling family are also nice in this sphere. The above-mentioned Faisal's brother studied at France, and Khalid dared to study at a few colleges in the US. And nevertheless studying, this unpracticed man was arrested for the selling of a dope, for which the Saudi government abolished his documents later.

Whether because of the documents, or for some more motives, but the guy had thought something evil. One sunny day, the king led majlis. This term means kind of a sovereign's meeting with the folks. In this case ibn Abdul-Aziz had a conversation with the Kuwaiti deputation, to which the assassin taged after. After the ruler identified his nephew amid the deputation, king tiled body so that the assassin would give smacking kisses his cheek, although relative shot uncle of him  two times. The watch of the sovereign got their cold steel ( guard are armed with swords and automatic weapons), and seized the cad.

Primarily assassin was thought to be maniacal, although having thought on him, they came to the conclusion to murder the Faisal after all. After the decision, the cars speakers invited the folk to go and observe the killing of the guy. Soon the men collected the king's nephew was murdered with a only blow of the gilded sword, and then Faisal's head was exhibited for half of hour on a ligneous stick for everybody to observe. Soon they grabbed the remains, put the head on the stick, and brought all in the hospital.

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