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So, a short account about Ethiopia... I expect that everyone desire to know as much as possible about this unfamiliar African state. This place is claimed to be cradle of modern human, thus men lived Ethiopian territory earlier than 2 millions years ago. They even migrated from this location all over then World. The Ancient Egyptians also guested this place and named it Golden land. The first known Ethiopian kingdom is famous for being the first African state that accepted Christianity. Ethiopian Orthodox Church appeared about 400 AD, about 600 years earlier than Eastern Europe accepted it. In the end of 11th century Aksumit queen of Ethiopian Jews, who were expelled when the Ethiopians ordered to desert the state, occupied the kingdom and owned it for fifty years. Then the turning point in Ethiopian history occurred. One general managed to expel enemies one more time and leave his ancestors as Ethiopian ruling family, but in any case he married the heiress of former emperor. He called himself Mara Takla Haymanot. This dynasty was very important in Ethiopian history, which ruled until 1974. Interestingly that the year of the turning point was is hazy, two dates are suggested: 937 or 1137. The king make Lalibela his capital, and everyone can go there to see ancient few rock-cut churches and a cross from a part of pure iron.

Next important stage in the empire occurred in 1769, when difficulties in the kingdom began. Many local officials competed with each other, and the weight of the master became much weaker. The problems continued until the beginning of the reign of the legendary Emperor Tewodro II, who was able to gather the kingdom. But in a little while, during the storming of Magdala castle by the English army, the ruler commit suicide. Further, the state of Italy joined the division of Africa among European powers, beginning a interesting engagement with the state. The European country concluded a peace with Abyssinia, but nevertheless, each of them understand the document in their own way due the translation of the word "may" in the document as "must". European state decided to attack Abyssinia, but the battle ended with the former's decisive defeat, giving the earliest known success of an African people in a war against Europe. After the Mussolini's arrival in rule, he started to desire renascence of the influence of Italy and started a new war against Ethiopian empire. This time the Italian were more successful, especially because of banned usage of chemical warfare, which they applied in some battles. The emperor was compelled to go to British empire, while the king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III accepted the title of Emperor of Abyssinia. In the World War, troops of Britain chased usurper out and restore Haile Selassie's power, who would occupied the post for 30 years. Anyway Rastafarians honor this Emperor as god and consider him as Jesus Christ.

Year 1974 brought the Empire to the end. The communism entered Africa and Leninist junta, supported of Russia, vanquished the last Emperor, and throw him in jail, where he died thereafter.

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