Apr. 4th, 2017

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This post is going to be a short account of the second country in New World that got independence. Do you know which is it? So keep reading...

Because of European colonization the island of Haiti was separated by political borders into 2 different territories. The eastern part was property of Spain, now it is Dominican Republic, while another part belonged to the French. After colonization of these territories by new government, they carried on the island about half of million black slaves from Africa. Poor slaves usually worked on plantations of sugarcane and didn't like this occupation. After Revolution in France started it almost immediately echoed back in the far island.

Soon the first slave riot broke out, which evolved future Emperor of the independent Haiti. This guy had taken his owner's name, which was normal that time in the Caribbean. Meanwhile Spain made an attempt to gain the second part of Haiti, but was repulsed by both slaves and French government. After the Spanish had been expelled the rebels desired to have a rest, but French ruler Napoleon send 22 000 of his troops across the ocean. After series of maneuvers the French were forced to surrender, and Jean-Jacques Dessalines got the real power in Haiti and took the title of Emperor some month later. In the heat of the bloody struggle of revolution the former slaves decided to punish their former owners and started a massacre. They killed almost all white people on the island leaving only a few graduated ones whom they needed in to manage the new state.

It seemed like former slaves gained the freedom, but it turned out that just like in most of similar cases this idea was just a dream. Instead of building the flourishing state of blacks the New World got typical African state.

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