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The greatest, one of the first, one of the few multi-ringed craters on Earth. I'm talking about crater Vredefort.

This crater was shaped about 2 000 000 000 years ago. It is a quite long period, isn't it? For punctilious guys this occurred 2023 billion years ago. Flora and fauna did not particularly prosperous, the only complex species living were simple cell organisms. It occurred on the territory of South Africa, but 2 billion years ago this place didn't located in Africa and it was unlikely the South of it. However this falling occurred in not the worst place. A meteorite with radius of 5 kilometers fell exactly in steady ground, which was not touched neither plate tectonics nor destruction. Most of the other such a craters folded up beyond recognition and could only be observed on other objects of the Solar system. For example, on Jupiter's satellite Callisto, where you could see a pretty multi-ring crater.

The Vredefort crater consists of a few hoop, the largest of which reaches 300 kilometers across, is only larger crater located in Wilkes Land in Antarctic, but we even cannot say accurately if it really exists. The crater is also considered the oldest one among the known craters on Earth. Though crater Saharwi in Karelia is older than Vredefort's one, that's not so wonderful. In 1876, the offspring of Dutch newcomers founded within their crater Vredefort city, after  that geologic object was named. Besides Vredefort some other towns lay in the crater, the largest settlement in South Africa founded just on the border of the crater.

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